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Animation & Film Making Program Overview

Effective communication is increasingly seen to be synonymous with messaging with the use graphics & action. This core concept is at the centre of the Animation & Live Action Film making program at Thinnox. For beginners at the craft and science of Animation & Film Making the AFM Program starts with an in-depth coverage of the fundamental Principles of Animation. For students that have mastered the fundamentals, AFM offers individual and team projects in a wide range of Animation Techniques. Students that have had a head start in the principles and techniques looking for deep expertise in 2D and 3D animation AFM offers a unique, hands-on training experience that takes them through every step of the Animation & Live Action film making process. It starts with idea conceptualization, script writing, background and character development, animation or film production & stretches into post production. The emphasis of the course is four fold: a solid understanding of the principles of Animation & live action film making; supreme comfort in using various tools of trade, including industry standard software and hardware; thorough understanding of the Animation & live action film making process and lastly, how best you could contribute to Animation & Film Making careers or how you could transfer animation & live action film making skills to other trades.

STRIDE Animation Courses:

Core Animation: Make Ten films ten different ways: Stop Motion; Puppet; Cell; Cut-Out; Collage; Clay; Rotoscoping; visual FX; Mixed Media; 2D motion graphics; Video Editing; Sound Animation, Music Video embed Sound effects

2D Animation: Make music videos, comedy, action, drama using 2D animation techniques, inFlash, ToonBoom & After Effects; special effects, sound-effects & voiceover.

3D Modeling & Animation: Make a 3D animation film using 3D characters, 3D background design; 3D animation exercises; 3D special effects; embed sound effects and voiceover.

Careers in Animation:

The following list is just a small taste of the possible positions that may be open to you as you move throughout your career. As you develop your skills and find your niche, you may discover your dream job fits into one of these categories, or you may move outside these boundaries; either way, Thinnox's objective is to help you find your way into a fulfilling career doing what you love.

• Art Director

• Character Animator

• Character Modeler

• Character Rigger

• Compositor

• Concept Artist

• Creative Director

• Environment Modeler

• Intern

• Lead Artist

• Match Mover

• Matte Painter