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International Students

THINNOX provides a uniquely multicultural learning experience in all its campuses. Our teachers and students are drawn from a wide range of cultural, social and experiential backgrounds and together they contribute towards building a learning environment that is extremely open and diverse. The three core principles on which THINNOX is founded - personalized education planning, real-world-project based learning experience and career interest based outcome orientation helps the international student integrate fast and learn at a pace exactly suited for him/her.

We organize residences for International students keeping in mind their specific needs so that it truly becomes a home away from their home. Language support through our student-centred ESL program and personalized career coaching for students whose first language is not English is an essential part of the program so that they can effectively develop their own social network to support their academic achievements.

Specific activities and events are organized through the year to help the International student contribute to the immediate community and to explore Ontario and other parts of Canada.

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