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Unleash your creativity. Unlock your strengths. Experience the magic of innovation, from your home, or wherever you are, right now.

ThinnoxCloud offers K-12 TECH, Engineering & Design Courses/ Camps, that are PersonalizedIndividualized Learning Plan. Choice in curriculum structure. Choice in level of interaction with teachers., High QualityTeacher-led Live Sessions, Gamified Course Content, Activty Based Workshops, Adaptive Lessons and Assessments, Easy to Use Interface, Continuous Support, Self-PacedAccess content anytime anywhere, Flexible course enrollment; year-round start dates, Course enrolment valid for the entire academic year, Course activities and assessments available 24X7, CollaborativeOptimal group sizes for maximum effectiveness, Cross functional peer participation, Collaborative messaging, Hyper integrated interface with related tools and plug-ins and Student CenteredHigh degree of student choice and autonomy in structure selection, Inquiry based learning method, Self paced assignments, Community-based activities and service-learning projects. Highly collaborative .

Learn in small-cohorts and dedicated private sessions tailored just for you. Discover new STEAMScience, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, Mathematics career pathways, develop skill-base for a new innovation or earn a high school credit remotely, from anywhere in the world. Right now.

Stand Out Features:

  • Hyper flexible scheduling.
  • Programs tailored to your interest and level.
  • Gamified content that rewards you with fast advancement.
  • Project based learning outcomes.
  • Structured progress reporting so you know where you are.
  • Activity based learning strategies that keep you engaged   includes effective self study, elaborative inquiry, deliberate practice and strategic collaboration.
  • Individualized Learning Plan for each student.
  • Small cohort sizes including dedicated private sessions.
  • Additional Features:

  • Choice in curriculum structure.
  • Choice in level of interaction with teachers.
  • Adaptive learning assessments.   Includes a blend of diagnostic, formative and summative assessment tools.
  • Specialized learning design.   Includes peer collaboration and cross-disciplinary interleaving.
  • Dedicated support team.   Includes dedicated mentors, career coach, and admissions advisor.
  • University / College and career planning.   Included for all Cloud High School students.
  • Flexible course enrollment; year-round start dates.
  • Robust scholarship opportunities.   For students entering Grade 9 with high GPA and family financial need
  • Leadership coaching for international competitions.
  • Guaranteed work/co-op opportunities beyond classroom.   through community service initiatives.
  • For Students with Special Needs

    Every Special Needs student is unique. We offer IEP based learning design to support special needs students.

  • Choice in curriculum structure.
  • Choice in level of interaction with teachers and peers.
  • Semi Private or Private Sessions (on demand).
  • Features for Athletes and Artists

    Aspiring athletes/artists have rigorous training schedules. We offer flexible schedules to match their availability.

  • IEP based learning design.
  • Choice in curriculum structure.
  • Choice in level of interaction with teachers and peers.
  • Semi Private of Private Sessions (on demand).
  • Leadership coaching for international competitions.
  • Guaranteed work opportunities beyond classroom.
  • How it Works

    Step 1: Select Course/Camp and complete online registration

    Step 2: Meet dedicated mentor online; personalize course

    Step 3: Complete diagnostic assessments

    Step 4: Learn at your pace, interact with mentor as needed

    Step 5: Complete assignments, workshops and projects

    Step 6: Review and discuss periodic progress reports

    Step 7: Earn Skill Certificate/ Credit

    Step 8: Showcase your Best work around the world.

    Who are your teachers?

  • Highly qualified, accredited (OCT) in-field professionals with passion for teaching.
  • Trained to help you learn actively and focus on your strengths.
  • Background validated and over enthusiastic to help you reach your potential.
  • Trained to provide constructive feedback at all stages of your journey.
  • How to register?

  • Visit ThinnoxCloud >Select Course/Camp.
  • Complete registration information.
  • Pay online / Schedule an online counsellor meeting.
  • Receive registration confirmation.