Broadcast Your Work

Join us at the THINNOX Thinkfest 360, the Annual TED Expo 2016 for an exciting night of creativity, awards & games. Broadcast your work, share your ideas & get kudoed for your hard work & inspiration throughout all of the last year! Thinkfest 360 is an opportunity for students to display & demonstrate their work to peers, professionals experts & the community at large interested in cool apps, games, gadgets, cartoons & graphics. In an increasingly interconnected world, the value of your ideas is often based on the opinions of the audience that the design or product was made for, so, get it first hand from peers, expert buyers & what they think of your coolest ideas that kept you awake all year!

What Happens during the Event?

At this invitational expo you could come in at your convenience and stay as long as you care to. You could engage with students across various disciplines, discuss Student work completed through ?15 across all major disciplines are displayed. Parents could be trying out the cool video games & apps developed by students, watch cartoons, take a walk through architectural creations, marvel at digital art or graphic design posters or cheer teams engaged in robotic competitions. The expo will be held between 6:30 to 8:30 PM with the hours between 7:30 to 8:15 PM reserved for an award ceremony to formally recognize and honour the outstanding achievers across all disciplines. Participation at this event is free for all Thinnox students and their immediate family.


about the works on display, participate in judging works on display, win awards, enjoy music, refreshments & socialize with people sharing a deep interest in all things design & technology.