THINNOX is Canada's leading provider of TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and DESIGN (TED) enrichment education.

Acronym for Think. Innovate. Excel, THINNOX was founded in June 2006 on the core principles of personalized education planning, real-world-project-based learning experience, and career interest-based outcome orientation.

Serving for the last decade as the ideal sandbox for success THINNOX delivers a very high level of success guarantee at school and work. A very high percentage of THINNOX graduates regularly secure admission at their first-choice institutions including some of the best Colleges & Universities in Canada such as Waterloo, UFT, York, McMaster, Sheridan & OCAD.

THINNOX STEAM School is accredited to offer credit courses toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) & expanded the Specialized STEAM High School to help achieve students the personalized University /College REACH-AHEAD TED pathways through Effective Portfolio Requirement for Post-Secondary application.

THINNOX also operates a design studio serving the GREATER TORONTO AREA (GTA) & not for profit organizations working in the areas of energy sustainability, youth entrepreneurship & universal access to education.

Unleash your creativity. Unlock your strengths. Experience the magic of innovation, from your home, or wherever you are, right now.

ThinnoxCloud offers K-12 TECH, Engineering & Design Courses/ Camps, that are Personalized, High Quality, Self-Paced, Collaborative and Student Centered.

Learn in small-cohorts and dedicated private sessions tailored just for you. Discover new STEAM career pathways, develop skill-base for a new innovation or earn a high school credit remotely, from anywhere in the world. Right now.

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THINNOX 360 is a unique, one of a kind opportunity for high school students at THINNOX to participate in a start-up, adopt a cause, develop brands, and build integrated technologies and sustainable solutions around real-world issues facing local or global communities.

This supplemental program runs through the academic year and is available only to registered full-time students.

A wide variety of initiatives spanning the ever expanding fields of Technology, Engineering and Design are available for selection. For further details on the initiatives most suited to your career interests, contact your Guidance Counsellor.

Founded in 2006, more than 3000 students have graduated from the THINNOX Academy over the past decade. Operating from two campuses in Mississauga, THINNOX caters to two different education needs of K-12 students aspiring high achieving careers in Technology, Education and Design (TED). The Glen Erin Campus offers part-time (TED) enrichment programs, whereas the Lakeshore Campus offers full-time as well as part-time TED Immersion High School programs in private and semi-private delivery formats. Both campuses offer programs round the year including Summer Camps and Summer School.

THINNOX campuses are carefully designed to ensure a friendly, student-centred, engaging atmosphere geared to small set of students. Class sizes range from 6 to 10 students. Small class sizes allow our instructors and counsellors to personally mentor every student and tailor the programming to specific requirements and interests of the student. The course offerings within a program is broad and delivery formats are as diverse as needs. The combination of personalized programming along with involved mentorship and keen career focus help our students achieve much more than what they think is possible.

THINNOX is ministry inspected and adheres to all provincial standards, including the provision of an Ontario Provincial Report Card and official transcripts to post-secondary institutions.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us at 905-608-8446 or email us. We'll be happy to help.

The THINNOX learning experience is significantly different from what is offered at other educational institutions.

THINNOX provides 110 hours of TED workshops annually to every student over and above the regular programming. This unique, immersive, learning by doing method, offers endless opportunities for students interested in making an early start at building the foundations and achieving progressive excellence in the fields of Technology, Engineering and Design, even as they pursue their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The involved and empathetic guidance counselling process, the feedback based program personalization process combined with systematic reporting mechanism delivers proven results for students, both, in and out of class rooms.

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The unique methodology can be described in FOUR easy steps - FIND IT. GET IT. MAKE IT. SHOW IT. The learning experience involves these four steps toward overall excellence.

Starting with self-discovery you find the meeting point between your natural talent and passion and build your short and long term educational goals accordingly. You take a deep dive into subject fundamentals, learn how stuff works and what you could do with stuff. You make choices, decisions, learn from mistakes as you drive your educational journey through firsthand experience gained from executing a wide range of projects of varying complexity. You complete your experience by realizing the goals you set out to achieve and finding the platform to display your achievements to the world!