CAMP Round the Year: Announcing THINNOX 360

For every STRIDE Prep Course, Thinnox offers the following weekday camps for only $65 Monthly.

• Fundamentals of Design
Learn the fundamentals of design; apply to your digital media and technology projects.

• Systems Engineering
Learn to build a computer scratch up; learn to get the most from your computers.

• Fundamentals of Creativity
Build your creative muscles using time tested tools.

• Tinkering
Break to build common everyday appliance; learn what's inside.

• Creative Math
Expand your creative potential and improve your creative problem solving skills with creative math; that is math, outside your curriculum.

• French Media
Expand your second language skills and deepen your French world view by exploring media, design and technology ideas in French.

• Visual Arts, Modelling and Sculpture
Improve your digital skills with classical drawing, clay modeling & sculpture.

• Drama, Public Speaking
Develop your Leadership potential, improve your kinesthetic intelligence and become fearless in expressing your ideas in public.

• Competition Prep
Prepare, excel and succeed at Technology, Design and Media Competitions around the region, province, country and the world. iBT, IB, SciTech, FLL, FIRST.

Thinnox 360 camps run through the year during designated weekdays. Students enrolled for regular STRIDE programs will be entitled to a Thinnox 360 camp at an additional $65 monthly.

• Thinnox 360 Camps: Wednesday to Friday
• Timings: 4 to 6 PM
• Mentor: Industry professionals and subject matter experts will be leading each Thinnox 360 camp.