What does STRIDE do for the student?

• STRIDE after school is a life skills program and goes beyond the standard supervised homework help.

• STRIDE is customizable to your students' career goals.

• The instructor to student ratio starts at 5 and stretches up to a maximum of 8 students.

• STRIDE programming can be dovetailed to the school curriculum and can help students academically.

• The flexible schedule allows students to choose any one program per week or as many as 2 per week.

• STRIDE after school fees are competitive.

• STRIDE programming can be synchronized with school events helping students and staff accomplishes key miles stones during the academic calendar.

• STRIDE can be used to prepare students for regional and national skills competitions.

The Method - What Makes Thinnox Work?

Feet Up
No need to rush from school, Thinnox after school hours are between 4.00 pm to 6:30 pm on weekdays and 9:30 am to 5.30 pm on Saturdays.

In Your Style
You are unique, your learning needs and styles are unique. We care a lot about that. Psycho-educational assessments right at the start allows mentors and instructors to understand your learning style and adapt accordingly. Our class sizes are restricted to 6 participants and facilitation is personalized.

Collaborate to Create
You learn to work in teams, allowing team members to get the best out of you and to give their best towards your goals.

At Thinnox we take fun very seriously. We work hard to ensure work is fun and that fun is guaranteed.

Integrated to the School Curriculum
You develop creative skills and attitudes that help you stand out at school. You will apply the things you learn at Thinnox to assignments from school. You'll find creative ways of writing book reports; making presentations; approaching invention or geography projects.

Connected to the Real World
Thinnox design programs build familiarity with design processes in the real world by involving working professionals at all stages of the facilitation.

Soft Skills with Software
You'll work with cutting edge software that will enable you to breathe life into your ideas.