Chess Club and Pizza Day

Chess is considered one of the best tools to teach people how they can stay focused and to think ahead towards the goals they want to achieve. Your design projects during the summer and March break design camps at Thinnox is bound to give you a new perspective to the world. As animators, game designers, graphic artists and media creators you will be able to see, process and respond to situations very differently. In order to take this a step further and to give you an edge in your creativity we would like to introduce you to a series of Chess based lessons that will help you get smarter in analysis, strategizing and tactics. It will help you understand and apply critical thinking and innovation in a brand new way to your design projects and beyond.

Program Highlights

|| Value of the Pieces

|| Castling

|| Check and Checkmate

|| Algebraic Notation

|| Tactics One

|| Tactics Two

|| Sacrifice

|| C.H.A.D.

Thinnox Design Campers celebrate their graduation day with lots of fun and fanfare. In addition to graduation certificates, DVDs/ copies/ models of your completed work, you celebrate your success with a Pizzalicious lunch.

• Chess Clubs organize competition on Graduation Friday.
• Graduation Pizza lunch is provided on the last day of camp.