Music Video Design

Passionate about music, want to shoot your very own version of the Thriller, Here it Goes Again, Single Ladies, Runaway? Try your hand this spring with a personalized, interactive music video production and set it free for an online premiere. If it's goofy enough you could end up with more than a million hits and be nominated to the Grammy's.

In this camp you'll learn about storyboarding, editing and production, camera techniques, live direction, and much more. You will be able to compose and create up to 3 minutes' footage by using and understanding lighting design, creative camera focus and composition. You will learn to use industry standard photo editing, digital motion graphics and composition software.

• This camp is most suitable for age 11+ innovators and wizards interested in extending the boundaries of creative communication.
• No prior animation, motion graphics or film making experience is necessary.
• Apart from the core program, the camp day plan is well rounded and includes many warm ups, energizers, team builders and creativity contests during the camp day to win friends and cool prizes.
• 6 to 12 participants per camp.