JAVA Programming

Code with Java and develop applications using Java programming tools, understand the basic to advanced concepts related to Java Programming language. Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Throughout the course understanding of Java programming by learning the concepts and applying them to various Greenfoot scenario and Eclipse projects. Students will use the skills they have learned to work on Java programming, starting with the Java Virtual Machine and variables all the way to Java Generics and some of the Collection classes such as ArrayList and HashMap. Students interested with Modding, they may work on JAVA modding by adding their own custom blocks, items, armor, tools, swords, food, and releasing the mod.

Learn the power of PROCESS; learn Java concepts such as Loops, Arrays, Variables, Classes and Objects to implement in your own creations. Implement the concepts by modifying the code used to create Application.

Following the work flow of professional studios, students work on their own individual project in a team environment. At the end of the camp you carry your work home, show it to the world, and present it at the TED Expo.

Inspiration: Java Programming that will have you Inspired and develop Technical Skills; Internet Banking; Simple Java Text Editor; Web Server; Product Inventory Program; Reservation System; WYSIWYG Editor; File Security System;Simple Calculator in Java Using Remote Method Invocation; Remote Administration using Mobile; Text Encryption And Decryption;Voyage Management.

• This camp is most suitable for 11+ year old explorers interested in analytical thinking, problem solving, team work, creativity and interactive communication.
• No prior game design experience is necessary, math competence and/or computer experience is helpful.
• Apart from the core program, the camp day plan is well rounded and includes daily warm up activities, energizers, team building and creativity contests.
• 8 - 10 participants per camp.