Game Design for X-Box 360

Make a game for X-Box 360. You will create a top-down game using UDK and Kismet. This will involve multiple player pickups, patrolling enemies, a timer, and traps! You will learn how to create a 3D environment, manipulate a player and run some AI scripts. In addition to this, you will learn how to create simple Menus using Flash and import them into UDK.

At the end of the camp you will be able to carry your creations home and your ensemble will be displayed during the Design Expo.

• This camp is most suitable for age 13+ innovators and wizards contemplating the study of game design at the university level.
• No prior game design experience is necessary, art and/or computer experience is helpful.
• Apart from the core program, the camp day plan is well rounded and includes many warm ups, energizers, team builders and creativity contests during the camp day to win friends and cool prizes.
• 6 to 12 participants per camp.