Game Design (2D RPG)

In this camp you design and develop your own Role Playing Game, using RPG maker, an easy to use, game engine and industry standard photo-editing software.

You will be introduced to the basic building blocks of Role Playing Game design which involves story development; background design; puzzle, exploration and quest definition; definition of winning conditions and rules of tactical combat; health meters and collision detection. You apply the mechanics of level design and game mapping (using locales, stages or missions), architectural visualization, game graphics, animation and, math and logic in your game concept.

Design a Role Playing game; create 2D game art using Photoshop, make a multi-level fully playable video game using RPG maker and Ruby programming.

At the end of the camp you carry copies of your work home. Your game is showcased for trial at the TED Expo.

Inspiration: In this camp you are inspired by titles such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

• This camp is most suitable for age 11+ innovators and wizards interested in extending their boundaries in analytical thinking, problem solving and interactive communication.
• No prior game design experience is necessary, math competence and/or computer experience is helpful.
• Apart from the core program, the camp day plan is well rounded and includes many warm ups, energizers, team builders and creativity contests during the camp day to win friends and cool prizes.
• 6 to 12 participants per camp.