3D Interior Design

Design the interiors of a basic dwelling. Work with the materials, systems, and structural principles used to create interiors. Analyse living spaces and determine best suited elements of furniture shapes and styles. Learn about space planning, proportion, lighting and colour. Use floors, walls and ceilings, window treatments, furniture art and accessories to plan and create ambience. Prepare computer aided architectural drawings and interior plans.

Carry your models home; display your work during the Design expo.

• This camp is most suitable for age 13+ innovators and wizards either interested in creation and manipulation of space around themselves or contemplating the study of architecture at the university level.
• No prior interior design experience is necessary, art and/or computer experience is helpful.
• Apart from the core program, the camp day plan is well rounded and includes many warm ups, energizers, team builders and creativity contests during the camp day to win friends and cool prizes.
• 6 to 12 participants per camp.